Scandal star Kerry Washington made an appearance on Saturday Night Live, this weekend. Ever since they announced that six of this season’s new cast members were white men, the show’s lack of diversity — in particular, its lack of a black female cast member — has sparked an ongoing firestorm. Saturday, with the help of the episode’s host, Kerry Washington, the show was quick to address this issue in its first sketch. The Scandal star was forced to play Michelle Obama and Oprah and even Beyoncé all at once. (Meanwhile, there were six people to play Matthew McConaughey.)

This week’s episode of SNL felt like it had something to prove, though what that was never became entirely clear. Gumbumpers, do you think it helped??

Peep the pics….
4Kerry Washington on SNL

2Kerry Washington on SNL

1Kerry Washington on SNL

Kerry Washington on SNL

If you missed the episode, be sure to check out the parody of Ylvis’ international hit song “What Does the Fox Say?”

Peep this video:

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