While Shaq was busy sowing his wild oats, Shaunie was up to some other stuff.  Shaq’s wife did what any smart woman that’s ready to leave a relationship would do..and joined forces with the mistress!   According to reports Shaunie hired a private investigator to dig up dirt on Shaq last summer. She wanted out of the marriage for a long time however to get more money in the divorce, she’d have to prove Shaq’s infidelity and mental abuse. Months before Shaunie decided to file for the divorce, the investigator uncovered Shaq’s mistress Vanessa Lopez (who is currently suing him) and Shaunie reached out to her:

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  1. If she was so smart she wouldnt have put up with his cheating ways at all. She wouldve bounced long ago. It is about money but I’m not mad…these men are getting what they deserve. But even after all this, they still wont learn their lesson.

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