The next few weeks will be bittersweet for high school seniors across the country as they gear up to start the next chapter of their lives after graduation. 

There’s still one final celebration in store for many students, though: Prom Night. With many LGBTQ people feeling uncertain about their future in the current political climate, seeing teens who feel comfortable enough in their own skin to experience this rite-of-passage with a partner of the same sex is perhaps more heartwarming than ever. 

Before the big night, however, comes the now-essential “promposal,” which have become increasingly elaborate affairs over the years, in some cases involving costumes, cosplay and other colorful elements. An Instagram spokesperson curated the following images exclusively for HuffPost, and it’s safe to say that these teens went to creative lengths to ensure that theirs would be up to par. The fact that these teens chose Instagram to capture the moment they asked their same-sex dates to prom for posterity came as no surprise, too. “More and more, we’re seeing communities use Instagram as a safe space to express themselves,” the spokesperson told HuffPost in an email, “and share fun and inspiring stories.”

Take a look at 10 great same-sex promposals from across the country below.  


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