You don’t win friends with salad. But maybe salad disguised as cake will buy you some time before social ostracisation kicks in.

Behold: The salad cake. It’s basically a bunch of vegetables that are smashed together to look like a delicious, sugary dessert — but is actually very good for you. How disappointing. 

Misuki Moriyasu is the genius creator of this cruel trick of the eye. Her Vegedeco Salad Cafe located in Nagoya, Japan, will serve you healthy cake that’s “fun to look at, fun to eat and full of joy using a new shape of salad.”

And they are stunning to look at, even if they take the fun out of eating things you know are bad for you.  

If you’re someone who enjoys eating healthy and isn’t a garbage bin of a person, however, you’ll be pleased to know that everything about the cakes is clean. 

The sponge is soy flour, the “icing” is tofu cream and they’re all 100 percent gluten free, sugar free, low carb and vegan. 


Naw, look how cute and colourful they are! Even if you find the whole idea of “salad cake” kind of blasphemous, you’d have to admit: They look amazing and yum.