I know that er’body is anticipating Tamar Braxton’s new LP with the recent buzz surrounding her single “Love & War.”


Well, Tamar’s album is due out in February 2013. After hearing ‘Hot Sugar‘ & ‘Love & War‘ I was anxiously waiting to hear the rest… Wondering if they were gonna hit us with the hot issh first then bog us down with watered down, bull crap…. I can honestly say from what I’ve heard thus far Tamar has some hits on her hands. AND SheMeHer has had no features which is OMAZING cause most female singers, well… singers period hype their singles up with features.

Well Gumbumpers… Wait no longer!

Peep the FULL video of Tamar’s recent showcase featuring two brand new songs ‘Watching Me‘ and ‘All I Need Is You’, as well as the #1 iTunes hit ‘Love & War’ and fan-favorite ‘Hot Sugar.’




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