#Roommates, how many of you guys have seen the #WhatTheHealth documentary on Netflix?! If you haven’t seen it, then it’s probably because you’re terrified to and you definitely should be! The film’s narrator, Kip Andersen, presents astounding evidence supporting that dairy products have negative affects on our bodies.

Kip also explores the links between consuming red meat and cancer, and questions the World Health Organization on why chicken, cigarettes and asbestos exposure share the same group one carcinogen level.

What The Health is a very compelling documentary and we encourage you guys to check it out for health’s sake…and for Twitter’s sake! Kip and his crew have the kids shook after watching this documentary and we’ve compiled some of the most accurate reactions below!

Nothing is safe, apparently!

The amount of lies that these companies have literally been feeding us is ridiculous. Most of the info we needed to see is right on their websites too! SMH

Being overweight has been overshadowed by the “Love Thyself” movement and that’s definitely not ok.

My fridge and freezer are looking mighty green lately! Lol!

That’s a word!

This is definitely a fact. *pours a glass of wine*

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