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The Weeknd’s signature sound is baby making music. So, it may not come as surprise that he wants babies before marriage. Go inside to get the inside scoop on Abel Tesfaye’s GQ interview and more….

The Weeknd has the “sex pop” game on lock with his salacious sex-laced tracks that makes women (and some men) go wild…in the bedroom. He covers GQ magazine’s February issue (with 2nd cover from Chance The Rapper) where he opens up about creating baby making music and making babies of his own.

GQ dubs him the King of “Sex Pop,” but interestingly enough, he hated Pop music.

“I hated it,” he says. “And then the sound of Trilogy became pop music.” Later he says, “I’m mainstream. I’ll obviously have those purists who will be like, ‘Okay, this guy is too popular, this f*ckin’ sounds nothing like Trilogy, so this f*ckin’ sucks.’ ”

A good track from The Weeknd bangs in the bedroom. That may be why he’s more interested in making babies first then trekking down the aisle to say “I Do.”

“I feel like I’m the kind of guy that would have kids before getting married. The first thing would be kids. Marriage is scary to me, man,” he shares.

You hear that Selena Gomez? If you haven’t heard, she’s his new chick after calling it quits with model Bella Hadid.

Being a worldwide pop singer, it’s almost automatic that he would be labeled a sex symbol, but Abel doesn’t quite see it that way.

“Listen, I’m not walkin’ around like f*ckin’ Idris Elba, know what I mean? It’s like…” and here he points at himself: “You’ll probably describe me in this fuckin’ thing. I’m not—look at me, this is who I am. I’m not gonna walk into the club and be like, ‘Oh shit, I’m the sexiest guy in here.’ The reason why they want to fuck with me is because of what I do [in the studio]. So I’d rather just focus on doing that.”

Well, at least his honest about it.

While he’s a native of Toronto, the “Starboy” singer has his own opinion of president-elect Donald Trump and his “p*ssy grabbing” comments. He tells GQ,

“I don’t know anybody that would do that. I know a lot of people in the industry, and I don’t know anybody. Like, a random girl that, like, you just spoke to? No. I mean… No. How do you even grab a pussy? Like, is it even grabbable?”


With his new album Starboy came a new look. Abel cut off his dreads and morphed into what he would call a “boring” person.

“I worked really hard on this album,” Abel says. “And I felt like I need to relieve a lot of stress. [Cutting off my hair] feels good, ’cause I get to blend in. If I want to go to a club, I can just go and I’m not there. I can go to a restaurant and I’m not there. I look like everybody else, which is boring, but maybe I just want to look like everybody else for a bit.”

You can check out his full interview here.

Photos: Eric Ray Davidson via GQ

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