I Love Hip Hop Blog – Candy C. is the creator and lead blogger for I Love Hip Hop Blog as well as a freelance host and interviewer. She was born and raised in the S.W.A.T.S. (South West Atlanta). She has a deep passion for hip hop and blogs about hip hop topics and expresses that passion on her blog. Candy C. is a vibrant, energetic and communicative voice for the urban entertainment industry. She states, “I’m ready anytime and any moment to interview any stranger, music artist, or celebrity and give them the interview of a life-time.” Candy C. hopes to one day host her own show on a major network.

My first memory of HIP HOP was playing Master P’s “Ice Cream Man” on cassette in 1996, I was10 years old. Throughout the years I learned about Tupac and the legacy he left behind to HIP HOP, and I knew he would always and forever be apart of our culture. 8 ball & MJG, Field Mob, Outkast, Bone Thugs in Harmony and many other creative minds evaded my ears growing up. My love was truly intensified when I got a hold of Eminem’s “Marshall Mather’s LP” in 2000 and learned each and every word by heart. When I was 15yrs old I took T.I’s “I’m Serious” album from my older sister and listened to that CD everynight with my handheld CD player and head phones.

What amazed me so much and caught my attention was the way HIP HOP artists rode the beats, manipulating words and creating a master piece of art. These artists told us stories within musical notes. Whether I was sad, happy, or mad I could always find a HIP HOP song that I could relate to. HIP HOP was always there for me when I needed it and just a play button away.

HIP HOP has taken me all over the globe from the west to the east from the north to the south without having to even get on a plane. Luckily I was born and raised and still reside in the present heart of HIP HOP which is Atlanta(S.W.A.T.S to be exact).

My love for HIP HOP often confused me because I couldn’t rap or sing, but I was so fascinated by it. My passion for HIP HOP caused me to pursue other venues in the music industry. I have an amazing ear for music. I’m able to perceive it from the view of a consumer or a label executive. So far I have tried out artist management, marketing, and promotions and now have found my niche in this Hip Hop world which is corresponding, interviewing & blogging, but still open to other endeavors as I grow.

My blog explores my mind and my views on HIP HOP, while also keeping you inform on the current news and positive results of HIP HOP. These are my thoughts and my opinions, remember that . HIP HOP is not just not just a genre of music…it’s a lifestyle…that I live for…and of course my love.





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