There are few things the internet loves more than a good ‘ol meme and, tbh, same. In fact, we love our appropriated pics so damn much that online search platform Lyst just released its official ‘2018 Year In Fashion Report’ and dubbed internet memes one of the top style trends of the year.

And who can blame us, right? I mean, if there’s an opportunity to mercilessly mock something then there’s a widely recognised tendency, nay, obligation to take hold of it with both hands and RUN.

Unsurprisingly, fashion offers endless opportunities for the interwebs to flex its satirical wit.

From nifty Photoshop jobs and pop culture happenings to hilarious reactive runway shots, here we round up the most glorious fashion memes to grace the internet in 2018.

First cab off the rank is this glorious comparison of Cardi B leaving the scene of her scuffle with Nicki Minaj:


Of course, the annual Met Gala is an absolute FIELD day of take-the-piss memes, like this savage Joan of Arc outfit comparison:

Dayyyum, delivering the good here meme sleuths:

Followed by this very accurate depiction:

Of course, no meme round-up is complete without the gratuitous mockery of the high fashion runway circuit.

Cue: Kendall Jenner‘s less-than-enthusiastic VS runway walk:

Don’t even get us started in the Gucci head accessory:

Runway to marathon running, anyone?


Lol, this speaks to me on a deeply spiritual level:

Always here for a Maccas comparison:

Sick one:

Image result for choker fashion meme 2018

And god bless the royal wedding wholesomeness.

Pippa Middleton – nuf said:

I’m crying.

These memes then prompted a rerun of this epic throwback comparison (#neverforget):

How about these #inspired award show beauts?


In2 it:

You okay there, hun?

Seriously though, what would life be without these rogue Photoshop artisans?

Kanye, it was only a matter of time my friend:


Followed by our other far-shun KWEEN, RiRi:


Harry Potter x Dior is ALWAYS a good idea:

Long live this pun sorcery:

Also found these relatable gems in my travels and thought they were worth tagging on the end:

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