The 20th anniversary since the passing of the Notorious B.I.G is quickly approaching (March 9th) and fans around the world are remembering the lyricist for what he has brought to the hip-hop game.

Recently it was reported that the same BMW Tupac Shakur was shot in back in 1996 is up for sale.

Now the vehicle that the Notorious B.I.G was shot in back in 1997 is up for sale as well.

According to TMZ, the current owners of the 1997 GMC Suburban have been getting use out of the vehicle since purchasing it in October of 1997.

However, the owner did not know the full story of the vehicle until 2005 when an LAPD detective called about using it for the wrongful death trial of Christopher Wallace.

The car currently has 114,000 miles, and the owner says the doors with the bullet holes were replaced before they purchased the car. However, there is still a bullet hole in the seat belt of the passenger seat where Biggie sat during the night of the 1997 shooting.

The whip is being sold for $1.5 million, the same exact price as the BMW that Tupac was shot in.

According to a letter written by the current owner, they have asked the LAPD to return the original bullet-riddled doors upon the closing of the court case. The doors will reportedly be passed along to the new buyer.


Check out the letter here.



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