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Today, Mimi Faust completely confirmed what we’ve always suspected – her infamous sex tape with Nikko London was staged and planned! Watch her videotaped revelation inside…

The truth will set you free…and Mimi Faust is ready to fly like a bird. Remember that infamous shower rod sex tape that popped up on the market? It wasn’t an accident. Far from it. It was planned. Every angle. Every orgasm.

In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star breaks down what really happened.

The whole Season 3 storyline about the tape being stolen from Nikko’s bag at the airport – lies. The story about Vivid Entertainment coming to them about selling the tape – lies.

So how did this -ish really go down? Mimi admits that she was “f*cked” after breaking up with Stevie J and Nikko got her at a vulnerable time.

She told US Weekly that she ignored her intuition, even when Nikko’s true intentions were crystal-clear.

“Every time I would go to Nikko’s place, there would be a camera and a tripod in front of the bed at all times. You know how you get that gut feeling? I didn’t listen to my gut instinct. I kind of just shoved it to the side.”

Mimi says Nikko came at her with some suave Brooklyn-bullsh*t saying their love-making is like art and should be videotaped. And sold for profit. So yes….she knew what she was doing all along.

So why did she lie? She said, “We had to say something. I didn’t tell anybody the truth.”

Does Mimi regret the shower rod? She told US Weekly, “I get a check every quarter for the rest of my life. Stupid decision? Yes, I wish I could take it back.”

Mimi opens up more about the sex tape tonight on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta on Monday at 8 p.m. EST.

Photo via Mimi Faust’s Instagram

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