The anti-Trump side of the internet fell in love Sunday with a young girl who appeared to have walked up to the president and told him what she thought of him in no uncertain terms.

“You’re a disgrace to the world,” she said. 

A tweet that included the clip has been shared more than 200,000 times, leading to large amounts of praise for the brave and quick-thinking young girl. 

But per the internet’s unofficial rules, the video led to anger too. That’s mainly because the Trump in the video isn’t President Trump, but Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik, star of Comedy Central’s “The President Show.”

“That Viral Video of a Girl Calling Donald Trump a Disgrace is Totally Fake,” wrote Gizmodo’s Matt Novak. That’s unambiguously sort of true, but is it entirely? Atamanuik is saying no.

“No one ‘Faked anything,” Atamanuik replied to Novak. 

In a series of tweets about the video ― which originally appeared on Comedy Central last week ― Atamanuik said that the little girl was not an actor, but rather, that she walked up and said the line of “her own volition.”

“Just to be clear, she wasn’t an actress. She got off a bench and walked over. Her line was so good, but totally spontaneous,” he wrote in one tweet.

So the Trump in that viral clip was fake, but the hero girl wasn’t. Now the question that remains answered is this one: Does it matter whether or not she thought it was actually Trump?

Here’s the original clip just in case you wanted to see the moment in context:


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