The Saga Continues: Nelly, Ashanti & Tae Are The Breakup Rumors True!??

Posted on Jan 12 2013 - 8:37am by GumBumping Lady (Toyiah Marquis)

I don’t know if I’m really into this rumor of Nelly and Ashanti breaking up… Maybe I’m wrong. But, like I said celebrities have a way with ganking the system… LOL Meaning sending us bloggers off and into a frenzy with their relationship lies…. I know Ashanti and Nelly are both nearing releases of new projects and they have to keep the ‘hype’ and fans interested in them by creating controversy. I know them all to well…. Look at Fantasia!!

So, make sure when the truth hits you guys come back to Gumbumper and tell me… “Toyiah, you were right(or wrong)” LMBO!! Anywhoo… to continue on with their recent split rumors I’ll fill you guys in on what we’re hearing…..

Nelly and Ashanti Breakup

Nelly and Ashanti Breakup

spotted at NB:

Another Hip Hop couple bites the dust.

Just when you thought that there would be a Nelly and Ashanti wedding in the works, the couple has officially called it quits after nine years of dating. And it doesn’t look like a reunion is hopeful. For weeks, there have been rumors that Nelly is now dating model/actress Tae Heckard, and they somewhat confirmed the dating rumors after Tae posted up a photo with Nelly on her Instagram.

Now, here’s some true tea:

The union has been years in the making after Nelly met Tae on a video set almost 10 years ago. The two remained friends and dated here and there, which led to Tae inking Nelly’s nickname “Mo” on her lower back. The tattoo can be spotted in her 2005 spread in Smooth Magazine.

Nelly and Ashanti Breakup

Tae is most known for her recurring role on BET’s The Game, as well as numerous videos which include Keyshia Cole’s “Trust & Believe.” She also appeared with Nelly in his 2006 “Grillz” video

Nelly and Ashanti Breakup

Hmmmm…. and the saga continues!!

Both chycs are BAD though… IJS!
Nelly and Ashanti Breakup

Nelly and Ashanti Breakup


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