After seeing the low attendance Donald Trump received at his Inaugural events — despite the #AlternativeFacts Trump’s administration’s used to attempt to convince America otherwise — it comes as no surprise that he paid for supporters for his campaign kickoff.

When he officially announced his run for presidency, rumors of his staged supporters surfaced and while that news wasn’t far fetched back then, there are now reports that confirm the allegations.

The Federal Election Commission recently discovered a document revealing the specifics of Trump’s purchase which proves that he in fact, indirectly paid Extra Mile casting agency via Gotham Government Relations to provide actors for his big announcement.

Let’s talk about how we got to where we are now in this pathetic storyline–Donald Trump supposedly failed to make a complete payment and the agency came for their coin thus putting Donnie on the radar. His bill was $12,000. — read more at!

The American Democracy Legal Fund filed a complaint and it took Donnie until October to bring his balance to $0.

The FEC reached their decision once the complaint received a response from Trump’s camp.

The gag is Donald may be making a habit out of hiring staged supporters as its being rumored 0that he brought around 40 people to cheer him on at his recent speech given at the CIA Headquarters.

This is going to be a long four years. Brace yourselves.

Source: HNHH,

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