As all of you know, there has been a bunch of chatter all over internet about Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush’s recent breakup, but no one has been 100% sure of what the REAL reason was. Well X17 online spoke with a source close to Reggie and here’s the scoop:

A source told X17 online: “Reggie’s mom just could not get over the fact that Kim had a sex tape. Reggie and his family are very conservative, and he told Kim that a marriage is never going to happen between them because of the tape.”

Kim is said to regret the video more than ever now as she believes she would still be with Reggie, 25, if it had never been made public.

“She’s still crazy about him. If she didn’t have the sex tape, she could have been Mrs. Bush.”

It’s so sad (for Kim) that this sex tape surfaced, but we knew all along that Reggie would not marry this chick because of this. What good man with morals would marry a chick that the world has seen butt azz naked gettin’ smashed from behind? We knew that it would be only a matter of time before Reggie would get stop being mesmerized by Kim’s beauty and realize that she isn’t wifey material. Would you marry someone that has a sex tape or is it ok?

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  1. Hell no!! plus sex tape are wack anyway,, what you do should stay behind closed doors,,,no paper trail if you are a smart person! Im glad he left the skank alone and she collected all that money but lost her soul .. her stupid mama should have told her better than that.. bunch of money hungry golddiggers,, now she should look for a Armenain man like her daddy!

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