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Former UCLA head football coach Rick Neuheisel spilled some tea this week about Justin Combs. He basically confirmed what most people already believed anyway. Check out his tea inside…

Rick Neuheisel, who was head coach when Justin Combs signed to the Bruins, has gone from UCLA head football coach to radio host. So the former coach used his platform this week to address the Diddy vs. Coach Alosi drama that ended with Diddy in campus and county jail.

He gave a little insight into how Justin and Diddy first stepped foot on campus. Neuheisel said on his his SiriusXM College Sports Nation radio show this week:

“I took them on their campus tour,” Neuheisel said. “A half-hour into it, [Diddy] asked me who I was. He said, ‘Tell me what you do, Rick.’ I said, ‘I’m the head football coach here.’ He said, ‘You’re giving us the tour?’ I said, ‘Absolutely, this is my school. This is where I went. I want to give you a feel of what it’s like to be a student.'”

And then he got to spilling tea, basically saying Justin was brought on for the purposes of star power.

If you were wondering why Justin only played seven games in the two seasons he’s been on the team, and is often seen on the sidelines, Rick Neuheisel revealed it’s because Justin just isn’t a dominant player.

“When you’re weighing the assets of what a youngster can do for your program, there’s no question (being Diddy’s son) had something to do with it for me.

“Justin is a great kid. His problem was his size. He’s not big enough to be a dominant player. Could he be productive? Yes. The fact his father was an influential guy played into my decision to go ahead and offer him.”

Well, that’s that.

A source now tells the Daily News that the charges against Diddy will likely be dropped and Alosi is the one who escalated thefight:

“Words were exchanged, but the coach is the one who escalated everything with physical contact,” the source said.

“The case is going to be dropped.”

Neuheisel also revealed on his radio show:

“What I learned was they were going to let this go, because the UCLA folks didn’t want to press charges,” he said.

“But when the campus police arrived on the scene, they looked at the film.”

Meanwhile, Justin has thanked his father Diddy for standing up for him:

I thank God for having a father that’s always there for me.. Love you pops!

A photo posted by Justin Dior Combs (@princejdc) on Jun 23, 2015 at 1:39pm PDT

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