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“The Real” co-host Loni Love was brought to tears as she thanked her co-workers for helping her to accept her body image. Also, Vivicia A. Fox stopped by where she went in on her former “Celebrity Apprentice” co-star. Get the deets inside….

On an upcoming episode of “The Real”, the ladies discuss body image and how there are different sizes of healthy and different forms of beauty. During their chat, fab chick and comedian Loni Love got emotional while thanking her co-workers for their support and how they all have all made her feel good about her body type. She revealed that it sometimes gets hard to deal with public always comparing her to her co-hosts, but it feels amazing when fans send her encouraging tweets.

Below is the convo:

Loni Love: These ladies make me feel really at home and welcome about my body. They don’t tease me.

Tamera Mowry: Well you’re beautiful!

Tamar Braxton: Tease you for what?! You look amazing!

Loni Love: I don’t feel good about myself, so thank you! (Starts Crying)

Adrienne Bailon: You’re gorgeous!

Jeannie Mai: If anything, we molest you! We like touch you too much!

Tamera Mowry: Yes, absolutely!

Marci: Well that’s hard because you’re comparing yourself to people, I can only imagine. You know?

Loni Love: Well no, the public compares me, they don’t (refers to co-hosts). And it’s amazing and I want to thank the fans out there because they send me tweets. They say I look good!

Aww…peep the clip below:

Also on the show….

“Celebrity Apprentice” star Vivica A. Fox has been making her media rounds and for her latest stop, she sat down with the ladies on “The Real” to chop it up about her nemesis “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore. Aunt Viv had plenty of shade to throw at the former Miss USA, but with good reason.

The Sharknado 2 star explained exactly how Kenya hacked her phone and why doesn’t have any respect for her.

Vivica explained how during a taping of “Celebrity Apprentice”, she was pulled away for an interview when Kenya picked up her phone (that did not have a lock code) and posted tweets from her Twitter account. She said had Kenya just fessed up to it, they could have moved forward. But since she couldn’t be a woman enough to admit her wrong doing, she doesn’t want anything to do with her. THEN, she said after Kenya started bashing her in interviews, she was completely over her.

Below are the highlights:

Adrienne Bailon: Well girl, you and Kenya’s beef on this season of “Celebrity Apprentice” has everyone talking and it’s made the phrase “toxic trick” epic! Where do you guys stand? You know right now, post phone-gate?

Tamar Braxton: Bye trick! Bye trick! Here for that!

Vivica A. Fox: Well, you know to be very honest with you there is absolutely no communications with Kenya going on for the simple fact that I wish she would take responsibility for her actions…

Tamar Braxton: For stealing your phone!?

Vivica A. Fox: Yes, and costing me 600 dollars! And umm, so I just want to make things clear to everyone ’cause a lot of people say, “Well, how did she get into your phone?” I’m used to being around people that I can trust and I did not have a lock on my phone. So they rush me out for an interview and I left my phone. She picked it up and preceded to hack into my Twitter account and behave just like the snake in the grass she’s proven herself to be. And if she would have came to me and said, “Hey Viv, I got caught up. I got caught up and I apologize,” we would have been able to move forward. But then she went on a campaign to assassinate my character, my legitimate career, and it was uh very disappointing.

Tamar Braxton: You the queen of read honey!

Vivica A. Fox: Okay, right! I just didn’t appreciate that. I’ve worked very hard for years!

Adrienne Bailon: Yes and so successful!

Vivica A. Fox: I’ve done the work! I haven’t had to go from scandal to scandal to remain relevant!


Check it:

Below, Viv reveals her weakness for sexy men:

You can catch this episode of “The Real” when it airs February 16th. Check your local listings for times.


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