Photography by: Jasmine Browley
Photography by: Jasmine Browley

Gumbumper had the lovely opportunity to witness the Penis Monologues in its full effect. The show was provocative, humorous and educating. It gave a better understanding into a man’s mindset and how women should react to certain men situations.

As women witnessed this highly anticipating show, it captivated the essence of a men’s everlasting life-cycles, while educating women. The play went in 7 year increments of a man’s life, that touched on the importance of father and son relationships, developing your own identity, marriage, homosexuality and a man’s sexual objectives in general.

“The Penis Monologues resonated within me. A lot of what was going on in the play I currently went through. I just recently called off a wedding. I was about to get married. But, a lot of what was stated in reference to men and their pride ultimately lead to the demise of my relationship unfortunately. To know that there is awareness of this for both sexes definitely resonating in me in a good way. But, to also see black men in a positive light was phenomenal. We don’t see that on a daily basis when we need it,” attendee Christian Duke said about her experience.

Even the play’s cast members were educated on relationships. Actress Monalisa Brown expressed her experience after joining the cast of the cast, “This show is so versatile from the Vagina Monologues It’s actually a response to the play. As a woman, I’m able to get a chance to sit back and see what men are really about. I get it….I actually get it now! I’m so excited, but most of all I’m educated. That’s a big thing!” she said.

~ dana williams

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