Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian collectively cover YOU magazine, a UK- based publication. The sisters chatted with the publication about their reality shows, fashion, their OCD tendencies, maintaining privacy, OJ Simpson and much more.

Check out some highlights below:

Kim on reading the website Mail Online:

“I look at that site, just never the comments, right; you can’t waste your time on that,’ she says wryly. ‘Just two days ago it showed photos of me wearing something they said was unflattering. But it was the cutest, most comfortable dress by Alexander Wang. I mean, guys, come on – I was at an airport about to board a night flight! But it wasn’t tight and they didn’t approve.”

Kim on their dad Robert Kardashian defending OJ Simpson:

“We thought my dad was the smartest man in the whole world. And if he thought O J was innocent, we were going to be on that side.”

Kim on the purpose of their brand:

“Our brand is about empowering women”

Khloe on the public thinking they know her:

“People are so weird,” she said. “Because of our show, people think they know me and they can tweet me anything,’ she continues. ‘But, hello, sometimes it’s so inappropriate. I mean, they’re describing the positions they’ve, you know, actually used to get pregnant. How am I meant to respond?”

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