Talk show host Wendy Williams is most famously known for bumping her gums uncontrollably and with no holds barred on many, the flamboyant talk queen is dabbing into another line of business these days. She’s been known for her weaves and wigs and now Wendy Williams is sharing her tresses with the world. Wendy says ‘I have A PHD in Wigology’

This Fall, she will be releasing a new wig collection called’Wendy Williams’ Hair World.’

Not many people know that she was diagnosed with thyroid disease fifteen years ago, and as a result her hair began thinning, which is how Wendy became an expert on all things glued on and clipped in. While speaking on the new collection recently, she revealed that early on her “hating a– girlfriends” is the reason why she’s stayed in the wig closet for so long, but now she’s embraced all of her ‘girls.’ She also said she doesn’t know why black men have a problem with wigs and weaves and expect black women to have that video chick long hair.

Catch a few highlights, plus a video of Wendy talking about her wig game below:

On why she started wearing wigs

I had to learn about ‘magic hair’ because my own hair became so thin as a result of my disease. I have long hair, but it’s too thin to do anything with it. Hair and skin are the first two things people see when they look at woman. Those two things have to be on point to be really in the game from my point of view.[…]I’m a big woman with a big personality. A big woman with a big personality cannot have little hair.

On Why Women Should Use Beauty Enhancements

Most women of a certain age need a little help with their hair as time goes on. When I say most women, I mean black, white, and whatever. After 30, our hair begins to thin and it takes more work to look the way we want. Why not get some help?

Chris Rock and his film about hair aside, most black men as a rule have a real problem with fake hair for some reason, they want us [black women] to have a certain look that includes long hair, but then complain about you being fake and not natural. Natural is for personalities, not hair.

On Why She Previously Wouldn’t Admit to Wearing Wigs

Hating a** girlfriends—and that’s what they are, hating a**—are exactly why I stayed in the wig closet for so long. I would never admit to wearing wigs early on. I said I had a weave instead because they are bit more acceptable. Wigs have too long been considered just for those who are baldheaded or for the old lady who sits in the fourth pew in church every Sunday.

During a recent ‘After Show’ video on YouTube, Wendy gave a sneak peek at her wig line while her makeup artist was beating that face, saying she’s the only chick in the game wearing a wig on the daily.

There are a lot of people with hair lines out, wigs and whatnot, but I am the only one who wears a wig every single day. I don’t wear weave. I don’t wear clip-in hair. I am wig. So, if you’re going to get a wig or you’re going to hear about wig talk, who better to hear from. I’ve got a PhD in Wigology.

Peep the pics and clip below…

Wendy Williams,Wendy Williams Wigs

Wendy Williams,Wendy Williams Wigs

Wendy Williams,Wendy Williams Wigs

Wendy Williams,Wendy Williams Wigs

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