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“The Get Down” has been cancelled by Netflix, and the internets are in a an uproar.  Deets inside…

Well this is a surprise.  The popular show “The Get Down,” centered around the hip hop scene in the Bronx back in the 80’s, just got cut from Netflix.  Deadline reported the news saying that the ambitious musical drama getting axe is a rare move, as original Netflix shows don’t usually get cancelled before its second season.

The network just aired part 2 of season 1 (the season was split due to production delays), and plenty believed that a season 2 was a no-brainer.

Interestingly, creator Baz Luhrmann in an interview with Vulture earlier this spring that a second season was in the works.  He revealed they had already developed the opening and sad that both Sony and Netflix were gun-ho about a second season.

So much for that.

It’s also important to note that the series was one of the most expensive shows, with the first season alone costing $120 million.

Luhrmann responded to fans who have been in a tizzy sense the cancellation news was announced.  He basically said he wants to direct movies instead, and his exclusivity with Netflix has prevented him from doing such.


So there you have it.


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