Just the is past weekend rapper The Game, and a former G-Unit rapper 40 Glocc got into a altercation. The Game was filming it while beating the hell out of 40 Glocc. In the video it shows Game confronting 40 Glocc in the middle of a Hollywood street, saying, “You wanna finish it? You wanna finish it right here?”

As 40 tries to flee the scene, Game shouts, “There ain’t gonna be another one, n!gaa.” Game points the camera at his shoes, which show blood stains.

After the fight, 40 Glocc tweeted that the aggressor “chased me down with a pistol … n!gga has to have a gun drawn on me.” The Game denies this.

The claims of an unfair fight didn’t end there, 40 Glocc claims other men were involved in the fight before the camera started recording.

I’m not sure if the video was ever edited out or not to make The Game look like the tougher man but here’s what we can see:


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