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Game 5 is underway and the Curry fam and fans look extra ready now that their star Draymond Green has been suspended. The latest inside…

News broke yesterday that Draymond Green would be suspended — due to him having one too many flagrant fouls — for Game 5 after he apparently hit LeBron James in the balls in Game 4. And all hell broke loose.

Game 5 is being played on the Warriors home court and if they win, they win the series. So their star being taken out last minute has everybody on #TeamWarriors PISSED.

When LeBron said in an interview he would be “taking the high road” like he’s always done, in response to being asked how he feels about all the tweets calling him a baby, his wife Ayesha responded (read the below from bottom up):

Bloop. Stan for your man and his team girl!

Little Riley Curry (above), Steph’s sister Sydel and brother Seth (who plays for the Kings) were posted up before the game:

A video posted by Sydel Curry (@sydelcurry) on Jun 13, 2016 at 5:47pm PDT

LeBron was spotted looking focused during warmups a few minutes ago:

The Cavs are playing in an extra hostile Oracle Arena tonight, so this alleged sub-lobbying for Draymond’s suspension may backfire. Because Steph and co. are reportedly simmering with anger. And they may just go even harder.

Draymond is not allowed in the arena per his suspension so he is next door in a suite at the Oakland Coliseum next door, which happens to have an underground tunnel that leads to the Oracle. Here’s the rules the NBA gave Draymond specifically:

Green must be out of Oracle Arena two hours before the game starts
Green cannot reenter the Arena until the game has ended, but he would be allowed to take place in postgame celebrations
Green’s suspension comes with a loss of a game check
There’s a $2,000 fine for suspended players if they attend games anyway, but there have been reports that Green’s punishment would be more severe if he breaks it for Game 5

By the way, the last time a player was suspended for a Finals game….a decade ago.

BONUS: Remember all that ish Steh Curry took for his new Curry 2 colorways? Well, he’s been rocking them for a few days. And he doesn’t give a damn that you think they look like “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” shoes.

Steph bringing the straight [fire].

— GoldenStateWarriors (@warriors) June 12, 2016

Steph’s #NBAKicks at today’s @warriors #NBAFinals practice

— NBA (@NBA) June 12, 2016

Hilar. Photos: Twitter/ABC/NBA’s IG

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