The Chicago Cubs’ frayed relationship with longtime star Sammy Sosa is no secret. Earlier in the year, the Cubs reportedly found Sosa’s comments in an interview so bizarre that they closed the door to a potential reunion — one that would’ve been more than a decade in the making.

For the latest piece of evidence that the Cubs intend to distance themselves from Sosa, consider the image below. The Cubs like to give away towels featuring player names in the shape of a W. Last year, for instance, they gave away one featuring current players. Game 3’s giveaway focuses on keywords and important figures from the franchise’s past. That includes Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Ron Santo … but no Slammin’ Sammy:

There’s room for debate on whether the Cubs snubbed Sosa or just couldn’t include every notable player from their past — Mark Grace’s name, for instance, does not appear, either. Still, knowing what we know about the relationship, it’s hard to chalk up his absence as a mere coincidence. Sosa, after all, was the man during a time when the franchise had little else going for it.

Time is supposed to heal all wounds. We’ll see if the Cubs can someday forgive Sosa for saying he put Chicago on the map — or, at minimum, for comparing himself to Jesus Christ. 


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