The city of Charleston is officially apologizing for its role it had in the slave trade.

The Charleston City Council approved a two-page resolution on Juneteenth in its City Hall, a structure that was built by slaves, that apologized on behalf of the city for its role in slavery and acknowledged wrongs committed against African-Americans by slavery and Jim Crow laws. The city’s port was where about 40 percent of enslaved Africans brought to North America landed after being taken from their homelands, the New York Times reports.

In moving forward, the resolution pledges city officials will work with the community to strive for racial equality and suggests the creation of an office of racial conciliation to help the process of racial healing. But critics of the resolution say it doesn’t do enough and more is needed to empower the city’s black community.

Charleston joins other states and cities that have approved similar resolutions and measures including Florida, North Carolina, Alabama, Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey.

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