When dyeing your hair, it is always a risk. Not just a risk that you may not like the color, but a risk that your hair might take on some damage. Most dyes have harmful properties that can dry out and damage strands which is why more and more naturalistas are turning to gentler products such as certified organic dyes using natural ingredients. Here are some of the best organic hair dyes on the market to keep your curls happy and healthy!


1. Shea Moisture 
It would be impossible to talk about the best organic hair dyes without bringing up Shea Moisture. They are not only organic, they are free of a bunch of other bad stuff you don’t want like parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, mineral oil, and DEA. They offer products that use natural ingredients such as acai, flaxseed, and soy proteins to leave hair not only vibrant with color, but moisturized and strong. They have several colors to choose from so your can find the perfect look for your preference.

2. Lush Hair Dye Bars
When thinking about the best organic hair dyes, this one might not be on your radar, but it should be. Using Fair Trade organic ingredients, these bars are a natural way to revive your color while locking in some moisture. They are made with nourishing ingredients like cocoa butter, red henna, coffee extract, and nettle powder. These elements help to color hair while also providing a gentle, safe option that is good for your scalp. Lush bars are available in different colors ranging from a chestnut hue to a glossy red.

3. Original Mineral 
When looking for a salon option instead of an at-home option, ask your hairdresser about Original Mineral. This brand was one of the first to offer options that were ammonia, resorcinol and PPD free for permanent hair color. They have been challenging the beauty industry and fashion scene for years with their belief that hair color can be vibrant without the use of harmful chemicals. With full gray coverage without drying out hair, they have fashion tones as well as more natural tones.

4. Oway Hair Color 
Another option for salon color, this brand uses handpicked botanicals from Italy to create their blends. Free from ammonia, the colors are vibrant without drying out hair. Using plant butters as the base, these colors will leave hair moisturized and healthier than before you colored! Ask your stylist about this brand for your hair color needs.

Coloring your hair shouldn’t be scary. With these natural, organic hair dyes, get the color you want without worry!


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