The trend has seen a 300 percent increase in interest since last year…

We’re only a month into 2017 but the trends set to define the new year are already making our ‘saved items’ wish lists.

Pay day may have been a long time coming but as soon as the highly anticipated day arrives, we’ll be hitting up the high street in search of this season’s most sought after items. And what’s on our fashion agenda you may ask?

The highly coveted hue of the year is already high up on our list alongside a faux fur coat and January’s essential novelty pick-me-up.

But make sure to leave room for a new contender in the sartorial stakes, as we’ve got word of a cult item set to make the big time. The open-back jumper.

The open-back knit has been spotted on the street style set

It seems like forever ago when the famous backless body from H&M heralded the attention of super bloggers across the globe. Our Instagram feed was a continuous stream of the must-have item, as it was debuted on the streets during fashion month and coveted by influencers far and wide.

Fashion influencer Pernille Teibaek debuted the trend during Paris Fashion Week

But now the trend has officially made a comeback as visionary giant, Pinterest, has reported a 300 percent increase in saves of the flesh-baring jumper this year.

If that isn’t enough to confirm the jumper’s sartorial rise to fame then we don’t know what is.

Shop the cult fashion item below (before we get there first):


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