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Hey Marlee,  I have a confession.  I been sleeping with my sister’s husband for a little over a year.  I met him first and was playing hard to get but I really liked him.  We never dated or anything we just talked on the phone.  My sister is 2 years older than me and is a very pretty girl.  We kind of look alike but I have to admit she has a smoking body.  Anyway, he met my sister through a mutual friend.  Neither one of them knew that me and him had met previously.  When she brought him home to meet the family he said in front of everybody, I met you before referring to me.  I was trying to talk to you but you played me.  I guess your sister is who I was supposed to be with.  They dated for about a year and he proposed to her.  They  been married now for a few years.  Last year my sister went to Hawaii for some Army business and was gone for 3 weeks.  While she was gone I made some passes at her husband and to my surprise he went for it.  We been creeping for a while and I want him to myself.  I have no plans on not sleeping with him because he makes me feel good and I think we were supposed to be together.  I want to tell my sister but I don’t want to hurt her feelings.  She as well as my family would be devastated.   I’m so confused right now.  How should I break it to her easy if at all.   What would you do in a situation like this Marlee.


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Hi Linda, you asked what I would do in a situation like the one you have gotten yourself into.  I would hope that the love and respect I have for my sister would not allow me to mingle in her marriage with her husband.  You have gotten yourself in a serious mess here, one that has to be brought in the open.   You have to tell your sister and hope she forgives you.  You have another problem in that you don’t plan on stopping the relations you are having with her husband.  What you are exhibiting is jealousy, which can lead to some things that can permanently change your life for the worst.  You should really put yourself in her shoes and think about how you would feel if she did that to you.  You may tell her and her husband will deny it and reject you, now you have no side piece or a sister.  Stop what you’re doing and ask for forgiveness.


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