Newark, NJ Mayor Cory Booker opened his own home yesterday to residents who had no power in their homes.

This morning, Twitter user @my_serenelove tweeted at the mayor, “I live around the corner from u on homestead. Why don’t we have our power back. Half of my block does.” His response: “There is someone at my house now (Eric). I’ve got space u can relax in, charge devices & even a working DVD player. Come by.”

Later, another resident, who goes by the username “@uniquenj1,” also took up Booker on his offer, with Booker replying, “Let me know if u need DVDs.” He later added, “I’m having lunch delivered for the 12 or so of you hanging at my place.”

A while afterward, @my_serenalove again tweeted, thanking him for lunch: “Thx for the food @CoryBooker we are all enjoying it while watching Happy Feet in the heat.”

Wow how could you not read this and not smile.

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