The Los Angeles County City Attorney has declined Terry Crews’ sexual assault claim against former WME agent, Adam Venit.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a representative for Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer said, “The matter was referred to our office and was subsequently declined due to the lapse in the statute of limitations for misdemeanor cases.”

THR reports the statue of limitations for misdemeanors expire after one year.

Crews revealed the alleged incident took place in February of 2016 and claimed that Venit “squeezed his genitals,” while they were at an event.

Following the allegations, Venit was placed on a one-month unpaid suspension from WME, and Crews filed a police report over the incident in November of 2017. A week after his filing, Venit returned to work.

WME said in a court filing earlier this year that they “decisively addressed and punished,” Venit following Crews’ allegations.



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