Sexy Terrence Howard covers this weeks Rolling Out mag.  In Terrance’s interview with Rolling Out magazine he talks about his role in Red Tails, working with the cast, negativity in the media and more. Check out the excerpt below,  but to read the full article please click here.

You are often involved in films that are very character driven. Red Tails is more of an action film. How did this film speak to you?
This film spoke about a generation of heroes. [They were] the gods of aviation, [the] rock stars of the black community from the 1940s. At a time when black people were [not] able to ride in the front of the bus, let alone in the front of the clouds. So that’s what this film represented. These cats were the best of what the world had to offer, and I don’t even think in this day and time there is a pilot that can really match their bravery under the odds and pressure which they had to deal with in life.

Take us back to the moment you received the script. What made this different from anything else you were a part of?
I talked to George Lucas about it in 2006. I got the script in 2009. In reading [it], I realized that this film would be Top Gun and Star Wars with black pilots. I was thrilled to death. … Lucas had no idea in the writing and telling of this story that it would encompass all generations. This has literally reached every person in the world and [everybody] has some correlation to it. Because without the Red Tails, we wouldn’t have won World War II. The Red Tails cleared a way on the beaches of Normandy. Without them, Germany would still occupy most of Europe and would be controlling the economy of the world today. The whole world owes its salvation to the Red Tails.


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