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Terrence Howard is taking his ex-wife to court with claims that she’s blackmailing him! Find out what she’s holding over his head inside and get the deets on Chris Rock and his dealings with cops…

We recently talked to you about Terrence Howard’s current legal situation with ex wife Michelle. Terrence is already paying the ex-Mrs. Howard $5,800 per month. There are also reports that she’ll try to stake claim to some of his “Empire” earnings (thanks to paperwork they had in place guaranteeing her 21% of anything he made over $62,500 in the first 3 months of this year).

Now, we’ve got a peek into Terrence’s legal strategy to protect his coins. According to TMZ, he and his legal team are filing paperwork to end her spousal support because she allegedly blackmailing him with pics and videos that could ruin his career.

Terrence will likely make a formal legal claim, in April, that Michelle got a great spousal support deal because she was threatening him. Allegedly, the pics show Terrence in the shower and there are others.

His lawyer Brian Kramer claims Michelle was entitled to half-a-year’s worth of spousal support (since they were married for ONE year) but Terrence agreed to 5 years worth of support, because of the blackmail. We guess with the success of “Empire”, Terrence is willing to hedge his bets on the photos and video. SIDEBAR: A few nude pics won’t hurt Lucious Lyon…unless he’s a little disappointing down there.

According to his Twitter account, Chris Rock says he’s been pulled over three times in less than seven weeks by cops. He tweeted about the encounter(s) saying, ‘Stopped by the cops again wish me luck’ and ‘I’m not even driving stop by the cops again (sic).’

Another look at his Twitter timeline sorta leaves the reader hanging as Chris never seals the deal on what happened. Did he get a ticket? Did he feel profiled? Was the cop nice to him? Clearly….he was not arrested because that would have made headlines. But 3 times in 7 weeks? Wow….and being rich and famous doesn’t matter either.

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