Damn, I guess Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, and Terrell Owens all have something in common these days… They all tied some knots that quickly came untied. –LOL


Terrell Owens , Rachel Snider, Terrell Owens Headed For Divorce After 2-Weeks Of Being Married

Gumbumpers, we told you guys about Terrell and his fiance Rachel Snider a few weeks ago. Welp, Terrell Owens got married, apparently, two weeks ago in Newhall, California. His wife was Rachel Snider, a 33-year-old postal worker, who also shared T.O.’s passion for working out at a moment’s notice. Sadly, their romance has dissolved, according to TMZ.

Snider feels that T.O. only wanted her for her money. She says Owens just used her to get a loan for a $2 million house. Maybe she wanted him for some fame… Cuz, now they’re even! #JustMy2Cents

@rachel24Q Follow Love this dude so much @terrellowens
Love this dude so much @terrellowens

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