Teen mom star Jenelle Evans has been sent back to jail after a failing a court-ordered drug test, it has been revealed.


Jenelle copped a deal with prosecutors and pled guilty to the paraphernalia charge – in exchange for the two other charges being dropped. Her sentence was 18-months unsupervised probation, but no jail time.

But then the judge had her randomly drug tested Monday morning. According to Jenelle’s attorney, the MTV star tested positive for marijuana and the judge sent her to the slammer for 48 hours. It’s basically like a second home to her there – just look how happy she looks in her mugshot.

Her estranged husband Courtland Rogers had been in the courthouse, but subsequently left, complaining to his Twitter followers “I had to leave before I heard them tell her !!! I know she will walk out of there for a fact with a smile on her face smdh #justice???”

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