Ever since her Teen Mom days came to an end, Maci Bookout has managed to keep her private life private (for the most part). That is why her tweets always have that extra edge of mysteriousness to them.

While they typically don’t point to anything elusive, her latest tweet has some wondering if she is back to being single.

On Thursday night, Maci tweeted , “completely checked out of anything thats not bentley, school or work. # stayouttamyway ”

This comes after she spent the weekend with her (ex?) boyfriend, Taylor McKinney. Taylor, who lives in Dallas, flew to Tennessee to spend time with his lady, but did something go awry?

Taylor retweeted , “Whatever happened to loyalty to these days?” to which he then replied, “non-existent these days.”

This could definitely point to something going on, but why? The two seemed genuinely happy and, even though their relationship was long distance, they tried to make it work through things like video calling and frequent visits.

However, long distance relationships are difficult and not something for everyone. However, it appears that this is the kind of relationship Maci likes, but can you blame her?

The former Teen Mom has proved to be incredibly independent and definitely enjoys her “me time.” Because of that, a long distance relationship works for her because she has time to focus on Bentley, work, school, and other activities, all while being able to enjoy a few days out of the month with her man. No, it does not sound ideal for everyone and it certainly isn’t easy, but maybe Maci Bookout just hasn’t found the right guy to make it work with?


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