Everybody knows that Apple is launching the iPad 2 today.  Based on all the gossip, here’s what you can expect.

 • 2 cameras. One on the back & one on the front for FaceTime.
• New graphics chips to help on performance.
• Possible hi-res retina display
• Thinner and lighter
• SD slot
• A dual GSM & CDMA chipset that would allow your iPad2 to work on AT&T or Verizon’s networks.
• A bigger, better speaker.

Also MOBILEME will likely become FREE for users possibly giving you a cloud based locker. It’s just a way for you to store items in the clouds instead of on your Apple devices.

For the iPad 2 some blogs are saying don’t get your hopes up too high. They’ve had a number of problems along the way, and the third-generation iPad is the one to make a song and a dance about. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about an iPad 3 coming in the fall. Stay Tuned.

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