Wow!! Chris Rock done flipped his wig… He went off on a New York Times bestselling author and his television crew when he got upset over a tea party question.

Uhmmm why does Chris look like “Pookie” in that pic….ala his “New Jack City days?” Gumbumpers… I’m just sayin!! LMAO

Jason Mattera, author of the book Hollywood Hypocrites: The Devastating Truth About Obama’s Biggest Backers, was pounced on by Rock, 47, who grabbed an expensive video camera — from a camerawoman — and hurled it 50 feet, according to

Mr. Mattera in an exclusive interview with Big Hollywood said:

“I was stunned!”

“Tea Party members get called the worst things imaginable and still remain peaceful. But ask a big Hollywood celebrity to explain himself and the guy goes ballistic, wrestles the camera away from my camerawoman, chucks it 50 feet, and then challenges me to a fight. It’s unreal. And it perfectly illustrates why I decided to investigate and write “Hollywood Hypocrites.”

The incident occurred around 2:00 a.m. on January 23, 2012, at Spike Lee’s Sundance Film Festival after party at Tao night club. No police charges were filed.

According to Mattera, Rock who was thought be drunk challenged him to a fight.

“Chris Rock shouted, ‘You want to throw down? Let’s throw down right now!’ Of course, he was standing safely behind two bodyguards when he said it.”

Rock was upset over a question that Mattera asked him about disparaging comments Chris Rock made about the Tea Party in an Esquire magazine article in 2011.

The interview with Rock is one of many interviews Mattera conducted with Barack Obama supporters for his book.

“Hollywood celebrities preach to us to vote for Barack Obama and his leftist policies, yet not even they live by the values Obama and the progressive left stand for,”

said Mattera.

Watch the video below…

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