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Singer Tamia stopped by “The Breakfast Club” this morning to chop it up about “Basketball Wives,” living with multiple sclerosis and her upcoming album LOVELIFE. Check her interview and take a listen to her newest single “Stuck On You” inside….

Tamia has a brand new album coming down the pipeline, the long-awaited follow-up to her 2012 LP Beautiful Surprise, which garnered her two Grammy nominations.

For her new album LOVELIFE, she has collaborated with an impressive list of beatmakers including Pop & Oak, The Dream and Tricky Stewart. And we can expect it to drop in June. This go round, she signed to major record label Def Jam after releasing her last album independent. And it appears things are still going good.

The singer-songwriter—who has been married to retired NBA baller Grant Hill for 16 years—sat down with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club to chat about married life, her new album, living with multiple sclerosis and reality tv, in particular, “Basketball Wives.” She has been vocal about the authenticity of “Basketball Wives” in the past, and today seems no different.

During their chat, the “Officially Missing You” singer revealed she will be celebrating her 40th birthday in a few days (May 9th) and she plans to jet out of Florida (where she lives) to go far away to chill out on a beach and soak up some sun. And we’re sure they’ll be celebrating their newest $850 million investment in the Atlanta Hawks. Nothing like a couples’ getaway to relish in your accomplishments.

Find out what Tamia dished about “Basketball Wives,” how she met her husband, how they keep it hot in their marriage, how she’s coping with MS, signing to a major record label and more.

Below are the highlights:

On “Basketball Wives”:
“It’s their reality. I think everyone has things that could do well on television that’s kind of salacious enough.” Charlamagne asked, “Have you ever been approached to do the show?” She responds, “Yea absolutely. It’s just not something that we’re into.”

On being married to Grant Hill:
“Our home life is very calm and quiet. We travel a lot so when we get home we like to relax.”

On how she met Grant Hill:
“I saw Anita Baker at the Soul Train Music Awards and she said ‘I know this guy that would be great for you.’ She had spoken to him at a party and my name came up so I kind of met him through a friend.”

On how they keep their marriage spicy:
“I think communication. Guys find love through their eyes and we find love through our ears, so you have to talk tome a little bit and I have to show you something.”

On having being diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2013:
“I was promoting Officially Missing You and I was really tired. I was really sensitive to heat and neurologically would lose my ability to write and that’s when I started to think something was wrong.”

On how she copes with MS:
“No, I don’t smoke weed. See like Montel [Williams] he has pain so I think the weed is good for the pain. I don’t have any pain. I do a lot of homeopathic things. We do different types of therapy. I’ve been good since 2003.”

On signing to major label Def Jam:
“I use them like a rich uncle. We have a joint venture so I still have my company as well. They’ve been really awesome. They’ve let me do my thing.”

On if she feels like she has to adapt to the new sound of today:
“Not necessarily. I think that’s where artists fall into a trap. I think you have to stay true to who you are and vocally you can kind of adapt, but you should never change who you are.”

On her upcoming album:
“There are a lot of love songs. It’s kind of a happy album. It’s not as deep and dark as some of my other albums. It’s kind of in a better place.”

Check the interview below:

On the music front….

Tamia has a brand new single titled “Stuck With Me,” following her first single “Sandwich And A Soda.” Get lost in her flawless vocals below:

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