Tamera Mowry will do whatever it takes to stay right and tight, which I don’t blame her. Everybody knows Tamera remained a virgin still she was 29, but that’s where her purity ends because she claims to have been a certified freak. During a recent episode, the sisters were seen getting a V-Steam. 


If your not sure what a V-Steam is an ancient Korean tradition where women sit on a toilet-like apparatus and have a mixture of hot steam, mugwort tea and wormwood blasted into their vagina, to make it fresh.

Tamera opened up about the experience and whether she would do it again to TMZ, saying:

Honestly, after you have a baby, you wanna just make sure that all the parts down there are good and that your husband/ spose whatever is taken care of and that’s the best way to do it. Would I do it again? No, It was a very interesting experience and I don’t think that I’ll ever do it again.

Watch the hilarious V-steam video below:


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