Tameka Raymond has been granted an emergency custody hearing for this Friday after her son with Usher, Usher Raymond V (also known to them as “Cinco”), had his arm stuck in an underwater drain on Monday. This occurred at a home in Atlanta, but it hasn’t been clarified as Usher’s or not.


As we told you yesterday, the five-year-old was being watched by his aunt when he saw a toy at the bottom of the pool, decided to swim down to get it, and almost drowned when his arm got caught in the drain.

In a sworn affidavit attached to the court papers, Tameka Raymond said Usher “leaves the children with caregivers when he travels around the world for work rather than parenting them himself.” The affidavit said Tameka Raymond is “more capable of caring for the children,” and “the children have said they’d rather be with her than with caregivers.”

Tameka implied that she never leaves her sons in the care of third-party caregivers such as nannies. Tameka’s son Kile Glover, 11, died last July after suffering fatal head injuries during a boating accident on Lake Lanier.

Usher and Tameka Raymond divorced two years after getting married in 2007.

CBS News

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  1. This sounds like Tameka will win this time, just off of their other child dying, this could be bad for USHER

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