Tameka Raymond is covering the April issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine. In the issue Tameka sets the record straight in a 9 page interview about her marriage.

The magazine is on newsstands now.

Falling in love with Usher: “At that time I would say he was my best friend. I’m a regular woman that happened to fall in love with an artist. Actually, I didn’t fall in love with an artist; I fell in love with a man. We were both going through kind of a tumultuous time in our relationships. I was getting ready to go through a divorce, separating from my first husband. He had broken up with his girlfriend. He had been in a long-term relationship with someone that he really cared about. And I guess we leaned on each other”.

On being called a gold-digger: “Now that would be one of the more offensive comments, back when I used to hear all these things about myself. I find that so offensive because I work so hard.”

On not being interested in “fame”: “I’m camera shy as hell. Its a funny thing because I’ve heard people say “Oh she’s a media whore. She always wants to be in front of the camera.” It’s so opposite. I hate it. I understand that there are things that I have to do.”

On the bashing her marriage to Usher received on blogs: “It’s a sad scenario because the lack of support that we received was from the Black women. Only the ignorant people are the loud one and are the ones bashing on blogs and talking and writing up terrible stories and false reports and all of that. That’s ignorance. People with sense,they’re busy”.

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