Former Xscape singer Tameka “Tiny” Cottle celebrated her 35th birthday last night at Havana Club in Buckhead. Tiny’s birthday is actually today, but last night she celebrated with her fiance, T.I., and their close friends. Congrats to Tiny and T.I. on their upcoming nuptials on a secluded tropical island.

Tiny & Keisha Babi

On a sad note, last week Tiny tweeted that she was interrupting her Miami vacation to return to Atlanta and spend the day with her daddy, Charles Pope. Mr. Pope suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. As you know, T.I.’s father succumbed to the same disease.

Please consider donating to Tiny and T.I.’s Alzheirmer’s foundation called For The Love of Our Fathers.

The organization is dedicated to providing resources and assistance to individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, and their caregivers and families:

Benefits for both FOR THE LOVE OF OUR FATHER’S members and associate members include: listing on our web site, advance notice about FOR THE LOVE OF OUR FATHER’S events and initiatives, membership e-Newsletter, discounts on products and services, advocacy alerts, and training opportunities. When you joins FOR THE LOVE OF OUR FATHER’S, we will provide you with access to a members-only Web site.

No one should face this disease alone—including organizations dedicated to dementia care.

Join FOR THE LOVE OF OUR FATHER’S as a member or associate member. Member fee is $ 500.00 annually. JOIN NOW


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