Love & Hip Hop K. Michelle calls Tamar Braxton a ‘muppet’ and says that she needs to stop taking shots at her on Twitter.  Well Tamar has issued a “Cease And Desist” order to K. Michelle.

According to the “cease & desist” letter, Tamar was actually speaking about her girl Toya. Tamar claims she was defending her friend against people attacking her about her husband and their Paris vacation they were on at the time.

Of course, no one believes that Tamar was referring to Toya when she tweeted to Toya: “#BEHAPPY IN PARIS while people still telling fairytales!” Tamar’s lawsuit said that tweet was a wish for Toya to enjoy her fairytale in Paris.  I’m not sure why Tamar put her 2 cents in the situation that had absolutely nothing to do with her (essentially calling K. Michelle a liar in the process) and when K. Michelle publicly clapped back, now Tamar may file a lawsuit?



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