Can we all just get along??


If you watched VH1′s Tiny Tonight last night, you probably noticed that model Claudia Jordan and Tamar Braxton were tossing all types of shade at each other from across the room. It got really heated, when Trina said her ideal first date would be taking a private jet to a private island, a romantic dinner, etc (Note to Fellas: You better come correct if you taking Trina out on a date!!!!) and Claudia Jordan expressed that her ideal first date doesn’t have to be extravagant and cost a lot of money, and she just wants to laugh and have a good time. Tamar Braxton disagreed.  The exchange went a little like this:

We’re married, and a part of the reason that we’re married is because you’ve got to set a standard. You can’t just fall for anything or accept anything just because that’s what somebody wants to give you. If you don’t have the means to make me feel special, then maybe you’re not ready to date me. You need to concentrate on yourself and get your money up and get your career going. You have to make sure that he’s up to the standard that you want your husband to be.”

[Claudia says she developed a great relationship with a guy on the Forbes list.]

Tamar: “But he didn’t put a ring on it![…]I’m not a golddigger, I got my own money.”

Claudia: “I’m just into the simple things.”

Tamar: “I’m rich.”

Some shade was thrown on twitter while the show aired also, check it below:



Watch the girls bring out their claws below:


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