Tamar Braxton is pretty PISSTT the people were posting a BOGUS pic of her with no makeup on around the net. It wasn’t just a usual photo, this one had Tamar snapped up with dark circles around her eyes. The internet was abuzz and people were MEME’ing the photo. Tamar said that she did take the pic but, she was in the midst of removing her makeup when she snapped the flic with a fan and it was eyeliner, indeed.

Peep the response & pic Tamar tweeted along with the bogus pic:

I love taking pictures with anyone no matter what BUT thanks 2the hateful ass blogs & every1 who thinks the “thriller” picture is funny….

Ion know about that! I JUST finished a show & wiped my makeup off w/ wipes & I still had eyeliner that was smudged. Most artist WONT STOP & Give you the time of DAY!! (I’ve seen it a zillion times & NEVER understood it!)..but now I do!! Posting that was pointless and NOT funny