Do you suffer from tall people problems?

Then these hilarious pictures, which reveal some of the day to day struggles tall people face as a result of their height, might strike a chord. 

Compiled on Imgur by user Chris Wise, the snaps include everything from having to kneel down to use an ATM to being unable to squeeze under a shower head.

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A woman was pictured having to get on her knees to retrieve money from an ATM because she was far too tall to be able to stand and use it

Others show tall people with their legs dangling over the ends of their bed, and a man having to stoop down to have a passport photo taken as he towered over the white backdrop when upright. 

These pictures were posted by Imgur with the title: ‘I got 99 problems, and being tall is most of them.’  

This man quickly realised that he might be just a little bit too big to be able to have a shower – and might have to stick to having baths 

This tall person had to stand with his legs far apart so that he would be able to have his photograph taken in front of a white screen

This couple decided to take action when he realised he couldn’t fit his head in the small car due to being too tall 

Who is more at fault – the man who is too tall or the person who thought it was a good idea to hang pots and pans over a doorway?

Can you ride? Some people are too small to enjoy a rollercoaster but this guy quickly realised he was, in fact, too tall 

This man might manage to wash his body but there is no hope for his hair because he is just too tall to fit in the shower

Bathroom mirrors are there for you to be able to look at yourself – but this person is only able to look at what they’re wearing 

When you’re too tall to be able to exercise in your room then the only logical choice is to make a hole in the ceiling 

This man struggles to hug his loved ones when they don’t reach his high height

A lot of tall people struggle to be able to find beds that fit them – as proved by this man who has to put them up 

A lot of people complain about the lack of leg room on flights but tall people struggle more than most 

One female showed how she struggles to be able to try on clothes in changing rooms when the shutters don’t always hide her body 

This person can have a bath – as long as they don’t mind the fact that their long legs don’t fit in the tub 

Another day, another mirror which is just too small to be able to accommodate a tall person’s body

This person has quickly realised that this bed might not be big enough for them to sleep in afterall 

The drinks fountain is often designed for small school children so this fully-grown adult had a few problems 

This person noticed right away that they weren’t going to get much privacy – and neither were those around him

When half of your family are abnormally tall then it makes sense to make them all stand on one side for a photograph 

This person doesn’t look as though they are enjoying having to put their feet in the bath while they use the toilet 

Two women discovered they were too tall and could poke their heads’ over the top of the changing rooms 

One man bought himself a brand new car – it’s just a shame he appeared to be too big to be able to fit in it 

This man was too tall to ride the bus – and this is while he was standing on a lower step to give himself more room 

This person has a noticeable look on his face of a man who has banged his head on the light too many times 

This man was so big it proved difficult to be able to use an airplane bathroom – and so he took a selfie to document his struggle

Noticing the gradual increase of people getting taller, one library decided to dedicate a whole section for them: ‘Books for tall people’

Chris Wise, the Imgur user who created the compilation of photos, posted this picture with the caption: ‘This last one is me, my brother, and my brother-in-law at his wedding. I’m on the left. 6’5, 5’6, and 6’6 in order lol’


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