Well, well, well… Beyonce just keeps laying on the surprises and they are getting thicker and thicker. Target has refused to support superstar Beyonce’s latest album. Once upon a time she used to support them but, this time she took her millions and spent them at Walmart. She surprised the employees and fans when she was seen walking the aisles with shopping cart and her bodyguard. Fans were so excited that cameras and video was being shot non-stop.

walmart yonce

bodyguard walmart

beyonce at walmart 1

walmart bey

Beyonce at walmart

eyonce holding baby

I’m sure this was pure marketing AGAIN!! But, I ain’t mad’atcha, get that MONEY Bey. She smiled, waved, hugged, held babies and talked to fans while on her shopping spree.

Gumbumpers, what would u do if you saw Beyonce in aisle 3? lol

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