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T.I. dropped a few pearls for his artist Iggy Azalea about her ranting on social media. In so many words, he told her to shut it and focus on her music. Also, check out Tip’s new cinematic music video with Jeezy titled “G Sh*t” inside….

Looks like T.I. is finally saying what most people have been saying for awhile now: Iggy, SHUT UP!

You’ll recall Iggy Azalea clapping back at Snoop Dogg, Eve and Jill Scott recently over comments and Instagram jabs that ruffled her feathers.And usually, T.I. threw on his cape to co-sign and save the chick.

And her newest rant was against shoe giant Steve Madden after a photoshoot was revealed that she posed for. We’ll get to that in a minute.

The paps caught up with the Grand Hustle honcho as he was leaving Crustacean in Beverly Hills and asked him his thoughts on Grand Hustle’s raptress popping off at folks on Twitter.

He responded,

“I think she should focus on what got her here which is her music and performing and continue to just present her talents to the world. It’s just like asking Tom Brady if he should be commenting on DEFLATEGATE”.

Peep his response above.

Now on to the Steve Madden rant….

The Australian rapper teamed up with shoe giant Steve Madden for a shoe collection that’s scheduled to be released this coming February. But apparently, she’s “livid” over the final results of the photos…that SHE posed for.

Images from the shoe campaign popped up on a Tumblr page (which has now been set to private). Once she got wind of them, she set it off…on social media.

Iggy hopped on Twitter to blast the footwear company for doing a photoshoot with her image and not telling her. Umm…we’re not sure how she went on a photoshoot set posing for Steve Madden (and her new shoes) and they not “tell her about it”, but that’s why she says she’s mad.

Peep the tweets that she has since deleted:

Another day, another rant. Maybe she’s pissed because they didn’t run the photos by her first? But it’s interesting she said this is the “most disgusting shoot” that STEVE MADDEN did….as if she’s not in the shoot and posing.

AFTER her Twitter rant, she tried to clear things up claiming she was talking about another set of pics (that she DID NOT post). She said:

For the record: I absolutely LOVE these images, they are from the shoot I directed for my Steve Madden campaign. Im incredibly proud of the shoes we’ve made together, as well as these images that I’ve been anxiously waiting to share with you all. What I had a “rant” about on Twitter isn’t in regards to these pictures, it was about another, different set of images i wasn’t a part of creating that I felt weren’t reflective of my vision and direction for the collection. I’m an artist and I’m extremely passionate and emotional and crazy sometimes because I care ALOoOoot about this shit! I love Steve and he gets it! Artists clash sometimes, it doesn’t mean I dislike the brand. I love Steve Madden as an individual and as a company. I have 3 more seasons I’m making with these guys and I’m going to enjoy it. Shit just happens sometimes and you gotta fight for what you believe in! I believe in this collection immensely; that’s why I just wanted it to be perfect. it comes out tomorrow and I hope you guys enjoy it because I put my heart and soul into them! Sorry for the drama! I didn’t mean for it to turn into some big blog situation (as usual) but I’m not gonna sit back and totally let Steve Madden get dragged under the bus because as a whole they’re awesome ppl. I just don’t support neoprene Jesus sandals WITH socks. That all.

The shoe company has responded to Iggy’s rant with an official statement released to the Huff Post which reads,

“This was a lover’s quarrel. We love Iggy and are very excited about our collaboration. When you get two artists working together sometimes there are fireworks. It’s our creative differences that allow us to design an incredible collection and we are looking forward to sharing it with the world!”

Looks like the two have possibly talked and smoothed things over because Iggy has posted some of the images to her personal Instagram account. Of course.

In a new music video…

This is for the gangstas!

When he’s not wasting his time defending Iggy, T.I. has been busy creating visuals for a track on his Paperwork album titled, “G Sh*t”, featuring rapper Jeezy.

In the Chris Robinson-directed cinematic video, Tip takes us back in time as he and Jeezy star as club owners who square off with some pissed off loan sharks in the 12-minute reel.

Find out how it all plays out in the video above.

Photos: Iggy’s IG/Huff Post

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