The youngest daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes “Sarah D. Henson”, has released a statement announcing that she is ending her four year marriage.

Sarah Henson is divorcing her former NFL player husband, Robert Henson after 4 years.

Check out what Sarah wrote on her personal website:

“I have built my ministry and identity around being the best wife and a mother I can be. For quite sometime I have tried to steer through some serious troubles at home. As much as I wanted my marriage to last, it cannot.

There are biblical grounds supporting this decision and I have attempted every other recourse, but after multiple infractions over the course of the union, and for my personal safety and that of my children, I have come to this painful decision.”

Robert also talked about the split:

“Life is filled with many transitions. These changes in life, whether good or bad, help to strengthen us and give us wisdom to fulfill our purpose.

After four years of marriage, my wife, Sarah and I, have decided to transition from being husband and wife to being solely partners in securing a solid foundation for our children. It always has been my earnest desire to be the best possible father and example to my children that I could possibly be, and through my actions, walk before them with dignity and integrity, as well as provide them with security and safety. I will continue to walk in that role in their lives.

Please pray for my family that we will master this transition and fulfill the destiny God has planned for us.”

Sarah Henson was 19 years old when the couple were married, do you think she should of waited??

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