Don’t believe the rumors that reality TV personality Eva Pigford and her actor beau Lance Gross broke up. It seems that any time a psuudo celebrity wants to get a little shine without paying a grip to a publicist, they just take to Twitter and post some dumb ish that they know their gullible fans will eat up. Then they lie and say their Twitter was hacked. Fools fall for it every time!

Eva did just that this weekend because she found that she was not in high demand at Super Bowl parties this weekend in Miami. In fact, word is, Lance was getting more attention at the functions than she was. So she left Miami in a huff and wrote this tweet back in L.A.:





Now she’s trying to play dumb like she had no idea of the confusion her previous tweet would cause.

Well, as you can see from the above pics, it was all love between the two and actress Vivica A. Fox who is on her way to Italy to film her new movie (and, yes, she’s taking Slimm with her).

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